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Learn the 5 Principles of Business Success in a Down Economy

In this free webinar, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Service Professionals will learn how to convert more leads into paying clients, how to market better, and how to lead their teams powerfully during this period we're in. Seats are limited, so save your spot today!

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During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

How to Lead a Team on a Strong Foundation

How to Convert More Leads

How to Market to Your Prospects Better


Best Practices from 10+ Years of Business Coaching

Since 2008, Khaled Ghorab has helped businesses and their teams save up to $7.4M from projected losses and grow the during down economies by testing and measuring the effects of proven business growth strategies on the bottomline. In this webinar, he will be sharing tthe 5 principles behind his work with businesses. See you there!

May 27, 2020 // 12pm GMT, 4 PM GMT+4 

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